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Program Link: MEMRI: Iraqi Professor and Poet As’ad Al-Ghariri: 9/11 Was Fabricated, Towers Hit by US Guided Missiles

…And that was 11th century Hebrew; the words of the Arabic-speaking Ibn Gabirol in Spain.

In keeping with the last thought of the previous segment – standing firm – it was good to learn this morning that just before Shabbos on Friday, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz was resisting the insistence of the Enlightened to return to funneling money to the Jew-killers. He said the government had no intention of handing money over to Hamas, which is now part of Fatah, isn’t it?

And as of last night, Israel was still refusing to bow down before the Korean Emperor UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon who demanded that Israel continue to transfer tax funds to the PA.

Also on Friday the European Commission – that is one of the other enemies of Israel alluded to in the title of the previous webcast – sent 85 million Euros to the PA because Salaam Fayyad asked for it. Imagine that. He just snaps his figures and there was Catherine Ashton snapping her fingers, and this cascade of 85 million euros pours into PA coffers to counter Israel’s freeze.

But of course other EU leaders and the US and even Ban Ki-moon have said that any new PA government with Hamas must still conform to the Quartet demands which are almost identical to the three demands made of the PLO starting in 1975, one of which remains the foolish demand that Hamas, like the PLO in its day, “renounce violence/renounce terrorism.” This was an invention of Yitzhak Rabin the barely educated, Communist-indoctrinated prime minister at the time. Henry Kissinger told him that the PLO was on the way to be accepted, and so this was Rabin’s demand of the US: that the US not recognize the PLO until it renounced violence.

That is the mind of the Leftist at work. It is a demand unreal in its sense of human nature, which is so typical of communists and other socialists, which is why their economic theories are so wrong-headed; their bad sense of what it means to be a human being.

What does it mean to tell a terrorist, “Renounce terrorism and we will shake hands with you and give you things”?

When a serial killer is caught after his string of horrors, his string of cadavers, is he asked if he is ready to renounce serial killing, and if he says yes, they let him go?

Terrorists are criminals who before rehabilitation (if that is possible) must be judged and punished. This business of asking mass murdering Muslim maniacs to just say they won’t be violent any more is functionally insane, from the Latin for not healthy.

Today Meir Dagan the now retired Mossad boss, reported, in reference to trading Gilad Shalit for hundreds of terrorists, that following the mass release in 2004 to get Elhanan Tannenbaum back from Lebanon, 200 people in Israel were murdered by the released terrorists…