Proud to be Israelis or Jews?

Internet Radio

…Yesterday at the continuing 20th anniversary gathering of the Begin-Sadat Strategic Studies think-tank, Minister of Homeland Defense Gilad Erdan painted a picture of our strategic posture as unnerving as any in our history. He described the next full scale war as one in which thousands of missiles will shower down on the home front for up to three weeks and that every point in the country could be targeted by Hezballah. He said Israel is surrounded by enemies in possession of 200,000 missiles. One out of every 10 homes in Lebanon has a rocket launcher or weapons stored in it. There are homes with roofs built to open up to allow a pre-positioned missile inside to be fired.

And of course Hezballah will target national infrastructure sites, natural gas facilities, electricity plants. “Our enemies want to break the spirit of Israelis, and get them to stop believing that we can have a normal life here.”

No doubt…