Optimism & Ignorance

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September 21, 2010
36:33 Mins
Audio Excerpt (3:43 Mins)
…But what I want to focus on is this wonderful aerial photo taken of the community of Beit Aryeh where today over 900 families live in this obviously, from the photograph, planned community on a hilltop some 400 meters above sea-level and 25 air miles northeast of Tel-Aviv. According to its Hebrew website, on a clear day from there, those people can from Hadera on the coast north of Tel-Aviv past Tel-Aviv all the way down to Ashqelon. This is what the antiJew MSM would call “deep in the West Bank,” maybe, I’m guessing, 12 miles inland from the coast.

The aerial photo makes clear this is a community like most of them in Judea and Samaria planned by civil engineers and urban planners, with its roads, homes, schools, grocery stores, playgrounds, synagogues and mini-parks, etc.

And also visible in the photograph next to Beit Aryeh is the Arab settlement called Luban al-Arabiya, which is obviously a little nothing of a scruffy collection of disorganized dwellings – though of course the caption writer at the Herald Tribune called Beit Aryeh – which dwarfs Luban al-Arabiya – a “settlement,” connoting something, new, and I guess moveable/destroyable, versus the “town” that is Luban al-Arabiya, which connotes something permanent, an organized community, when the photograph tells the opposite story.

Also shown is the plenty of land separating the two communities, areas than can be built upon in the future.

Before your eyes is a kind of graphic emblem of the Zionist movement: here is a planned, organized community purposely building its society – versus a smattering of structures in an unplanned mess which is dwarfed by its Jewish neighbor.

What came to mind were the words of the Gentile Prophet Balaam in the Book of Numbers, who came to curse the Children of Israel but instead, what came out of his mouth was praise and wonder: He said, “How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, thy dwellings Yisrael.” Balaam had been summoned from afar to the Sinai Wilderness to curse the Jews but when he saw their encampment, he had nothing but praise for the amazing sight of 12 Tribes, over a million people, some say over two million, living in an organized community of laws, peacefully – versus the life of tribesmen into this century over 3,000 years later for whom life is what Thomas Hobbes called brutish. For example, the life of still basically tribal Arabs in Algeria, in Lebanon, in Iraq where daily they have butchered one another in satanic acts of serial massacres.

Here in this photo is this planned, hilltop community of thousands of Jews living next to this miserable scattering of probably a few hundred Arabs.

This is the story, in a nutshell, of the return of the Jewish people to its Land…