Obama’s Latest Deceit

Internet Radio

Program Link: How America’s Polygamy Ban Blocked Muslim Immigration
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Twice, Medoff reported, Ross said, “Israelis need to realize that they can’t get peace on the cheap.” Translation, they must pay for it, buy off our neighbors who applaud when their youth murder our youth. Israel must pay for peace, when the truth is exactly the opposite. With people who demand what these savages demand, there can be no peace, because they are not interested in peace, just thievery and the pleasure of bleeding Jews and making them cry. Like an extortionist who comes back to his victim who paid him once, Arabs demanding payment of peace will break it when they want more from their pigeon who submits to the blackmail.

Ross also said that Obama sees himself a genuine friend of Israel, the kind of friend who does not let his friend drive drunk.

You got that? Bibi is a drunken driver but his good friend Barack Hussein will take care of him and make sure he does the right thing because Barack Hussein loves Israel.

Dennis Ross is a fool, a contemptible betrayer of the Jewish people and above all just plain stupid to say and believe the things he does…