No Self-Respect

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, I think Bibi has been his own worst enemy. His Bar-Iran speech had short-term successes but at a terrible price. He himself has contributed to the rise of BDS and violent antisemitism by affirming in the minds and hearts of world antiJewry the rightness of creating a Balestinian state. He has admitted that the Balestinians are entitled to a state, and so the issue for today’s Mogherinis is whether Netanyahu is a liar. He said he supports the Two-State Solution just like every enlightened person who wants to do justice to the “victims of Zionism,” so at stake is not that desire at all. In the matter of statehood, Netanyahu is on board. The issue at hand is his sincerity. Does he keep his word?

Bibi’s Bar-Ilan speech was like a new, wonder drug that saves the patient in immediate danger but then leads to terrible, long-term consequences.

The only way for Israel to combat the dragon of anti-hatred growing daily, it seems, is to plunge a sword into its heart and its basic claim that the Jews stole Palestine from the Balestinians. In truth, the Arabs never knew there was such a country with that name; Israel stole nothing, and statehood for “Palestinians” is nothing but an Orwellian smoke screen…