Liars of the Left

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Program Link: Who is Huma?
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Last item. On Friday, November 4, the site posted a piece by me called “The Greatest Spy Story Ever Told” and its genesis was a video out there some of you may already have seen, an eight-minute biography of Huma Abedin which I judge to be one of the most important, amazing videos of the current election campaign in the States. Posted with this webcast is the link. It is a must see.

As I say in it, snippets of who this woman is have been around for some time, with talk of her family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Well, this video puts it all together and it is a shocking story. It seems now that Huma Abedin has been arguably, along with Barack Obama, the greatest secret agent in history, another dissembling Muslim who as right-hand woman to Hillary as Secretary of State had access to all the secrets Hillary had. Simply mindboggling to contemplate…