Jews: Nation or Religion?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The talk-backs on the Israeli websites daily carry the ravings of these people afflicted with this mental behavior which commonly conceives of Jews as conscienceless murderers and cold-blooded killers. I have been fascinated how the 50-day war was perceived by antiJews as “genocide” committed by the IDF, soldiers who deliberately, wantonly, willfully slaughtered children and women and other civilians for no good reason other than the Jews’ evil nature.

Very much as that Turkish TV dramatization of the Gaza fighting in 2009 portrayed an expressionless Israeli soldier calmly, almost mechanically, shooting to death a terrified Arab girl.

It is truly a satanic conception of functionally supernatural, inhuman Jews who live to murder, when of course the news lately should have made plain to the still disbelieving that it is Muslims for whom murdering helpless people is their way of life…