Jerusalem Day

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Webcast Title: Jerusalem Day
Webcast Date: 05/11/2010
Length: 38:13 Minutes
(May 11, 2010) …Well, today among the Enlightened, Erev Yom Yerushalayim, it is the common wisdom that it is wrong for Israel to rule over all of Jerusalem to the exclusion of the Ancient Palestinians whose claim is surely as ancient as that of the Jews – and never mind they did not build this modern city, the Jews did.

Palestinian Nationalism is a fancy term covering up the hunger of these Hamitic Arabs for our property, for what rightfully belongs to us. Palestinianism is the justification for their insatiable appetite for Jewish wealth.

I think that is what jihad is all about too. These Muslims believe that they have the right, the religious obligation even, of getting the whole world to be Muslim. And as Believers they have the right to do anything, including leave a car bomb on 45th Street in Manhattan. They have the right to conquer the world – and wind up with all the world’s wealth. That is the unspoken part of the deal.

What an odd turn of events, historical events really. A generation ago in 1967, the Jewish liberation of Jerusalem was kind of a supernatural moment in time, an electric moment.

Today, though, “Who do these Jews think they are building in Ancient East Jerusalem of the Palestinians?” and never mind that Jerusalem is a Jewish word. It is a Hebrew word…

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