It’s a Religious War

  Thursday - November 4, 2010 6:23 PM EST

Internet Radio

November 4, 2010
41:24 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:08 Mins)
…On Monday in JPost we learned that our defense minister had responded to the weekend’s news of the latest airline terror attempt, launched by Al-Qaeda in Yemen in an effort to blow airplanes out of the sky – the Arabs have been doing that periodically for the last Biblical generation and counting. It is a behavior that is a cousin of the Yemenis’ cousins in Gaza who launch missiles of death into Sderot and environs. Our defense minister in the State of the Jews, who are supposed to be so smart and clever and wise, reacted to this latest terrorist attempt on Western aircraft by saying that the way to combat terror is “by treating its social roots, such as poverty, corruption, illiteracy and discrimination.”

Now and for the first time I pronounce Ehud Barak a moron. A nincompoop. And what is most inexcusable: he seems to be an uneducated and therefore stupid Jew…

Northern Israel