Israel’s Tragic Flaw

Internet Radio

September 28, 2010
34:12 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:50 Mins)
…Oddly though, and this goes to the heart of Israel’s fatal flaw, the MSM here persists in calling these violent, rock-throwing, largely teenagers about the age of their ancestor Ishmael, the first-born son of the kindest man in history who had to expel him from his tents because he was such a wild ass of a boy, “Palestinians”. And that is a catastrophic flaw of mainstream, post-Jewish Israel: referring to these wild asses of young males not as Arabs, not as Muslims, not as Ishmaelites but “Palestinians.” And that persistent flaw tells a tale of perhaps modern Israel’s tragic flaw.

I mean, another major event this past week in New York was the annual UN General Assembly fall session in world leaders come to orate, with one of the stars being Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose crackpot remarks about 9-11 prompted 33 states to leave the hall in protest.

Okay, but why not when dozens of other leaders, including Obama, give speeches supporting the mythical Ancient Palestinians and their putative need for and rights to a state in the heart of the heart of the Land promised to the Jewish people in the Bible?

I mean, if Israel were not so neurotic about its Jewish identity, it would exploit Ahmadinejad’s Muslim madness – there are hundreds of millions like him – to equate his delusional understanding of 9-11 as the so-called “truthers” understand it, as an inside American plot, with the myth of the “Palestinians”? There is a connection.

What Israel should do but never does is marry the madness of these loopy Muslims when it comes to 9-11 to their equally flakey history of Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

They are really different facets of the same Muslim mishegass