Infected Europe

Internet Radio

…So yours truly won’t know the fate of the Hagel vote until tomorrow, which will compete for our attention with the State of the Union address delivered by this Muslim in the Oval Office who I am convinced is out to destroy America. He has acted like a rebellious, truculent teenager who gets hold of daddy’s card and goes on a spending spree. Obama simply cannot be oblivious to the damage caused by his reckless spending, which behavior I can understand only as a willful, albeit possibly unconscious, act of malice; of malevolence, which means ill will toward America, which he hates as much as he hates Israel.

And now we have his boneheaded choice for Secretary of State, john Kerry, whose first policy initiative since being sworn in 12 days ago is to see that another 700 million US dollars are given to the Fatah killers masquerading these days as the PA…