If I Were Bibi Talking to Kerry

Internet Radio

Program Link: Terra incognita: Saudi Arabia’s Security Council charade

…I suppose we must wait for Bibi’s memoirs to be published to know what it was like to be alone in a room with John Kerry for hours yesterday talking about Kerry’s greatest concern which is not the Iranians building an atomic bomb but the future of the poor, poor ancient victims of Israel. One imagines Kerry thought he could persuade Bibi to see things his way presumably because John Kerry believes he knows better than our Benjamin the son of Bentzion how to make peace with the Balestinians and by extension the whole Arab and Muslim world. All Israel has to do is fork over the spoils of war it took in self-defense. The Arabs demand the return of all Judea and Samaria which then will restore the geographic relationship between Israel and the Arabs which led to Arab assault which required Israeli self-defense.

In other words, John Kerry believes that Israel must return to the status quo ante 1967 and that will bring peace because, implicitly, that is all the Arabs and the Muslims in the world want. Just another cute little Arab state, like Jordan, Yemen, Syria. With 21 states, the world doesn’t have enough of them…