Hatred, Envy and Lies

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Hate and lying do seem to go together these days. And how alike the political scenes in the States and Israel are these days with the opposition targeting the ruling group with lies. There was Meryl Streep perpetuating the lie that Donald Trump made fun of the physical handicap of a journalist which implies that Trump has the brains of stupid 10 year-old boy. He was not my cup of tea for his crudeness in the primaries but to think he would be such a jerk as to do such a thing is ridiculous. He is not that bad.

Likewise the lies of him as an abuser of women and a racist who wants to build a wall on along the Rio Grande because he does like the color of Mexican skin.

In Israel too, the opposition, as in America, bereft of all intelligent criticism of the ruling party and its policies, can only impugn the moral character of the leader of the government, suggesting that he cares about money than serving the people. The top story in Israel this week has been the latest investigation into the prime minister and his wife. The latest charge is accepting expensive cigars and Champaign from Arnon Milchan, native Israeli Hollywood movie producer, and now Bibi is charged with a conversation with the owner of the fiercely anti-Bibi Yediot, Noni Moses…