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…Well, the top story in Israel today on the political front was the opening of the southern gate of the Gaza containment facility.

The AP dispatch quoted one of the hundreds allowed to leave, “All we need is to travel like humans, be treated with dignity, and feel like any other citizens of the world who can travel in and out freely.”

On the morning political talks shows some Gazan was telling listeners his brother had not left the Strip in five years. And for sure there must be hundreds of thousands of Arabians in Gaza in the same predicament, and it is another pity that as Israelis like Bibi do not make the case for the legality of our communities in Yosh, they almost never give the Arabians the tongue-lashing they deserve.

The Gaza rectangle is a kind of prison, and Israelis, instead of protesting against the analogy should seize it and make it their own and point out the unbelievable cruelty of the Arabs that they inflict on their own.

Gaza is a prison. All the UNRWA slums are prisons in that the people in them are denied citizenship and work permits. They are a kind of permanent welfare society in which those on welfare are not allowed to get off of it; indeed not allowed to come and go. It is an outrage what the Arabs have done to their own as part of their war to the death against Israel.

This is the true oppression of the so-called Balestinians, and Israel should be campaigning for the liquidation of the UNRWA camps, which is the biggest scam/rip-off in UN history.

It was speculation today by the experts what the opening of the Rafiah gate will lead to. There was the chatter in the MSM this morning: Will it or will it not endanger Israel or possibly even benefit Israel? For sure now the Turks, those antisemites in Ankara, can no longer justify their next flotilla in the name of breaking the siege. Now there is no more siege. The commodities that they want to give to the people in Gaza, they can offload them at El-Arish and they will get into Gaza just fine.

But of course we all know this flotilla is nothing at all about helping the people in Gaza but just an elaborate form of Jew-baiting. Every day now its seems this punk antisemite foreign minister in Ankara Ahmad Davutoglu is sounding more and more like Ahmadinejad in his compulsive taunting of Israel and warning us not to our previous aggression.

The other good news in this regard is that Lloyd’s of London is making it known that any vessel carrying maritime insurance which joins this flotilla will not be covered; its policy will be suspended.

As the FBI put the kibosh on Al Capone not for his violent crimes but income tax invasion, maybe here too the antiJews will be stymied by insurance actuaries and accountants…