Europe’s Punching Bag

Internet Radio

September 19, 2010
38:33 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:49 Mins)
…Consider the humorous but quite serious story this past week out of how Egypt where it’s oldest newspaper Al Ahram photoshopped that photo in Washington last week of Obama leading King Abdallah of Jordan and Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu and Mubarak to a press conference. In the original, Mubarak is last in this phalanx, but after editing, he was seen in Egypt leading the pack.

This is pathetic and worst of all, the editor of this newspaper on Friday defended the editing because it truly reflects, he said, the “leading role of Mubarak in the peace process.”

Israel needs to tell the world: this is with whom we are dealing. This is the editor of this venerable newspaper; this is not some marginal crank. The Arabs are so backward and have such little regard for objective truth as the civilized West understands that idea, the idea of friendly peace with them is a fantasy.

Israeli leaders never address the ocean of antisemitic bilge that the Arab-Muslim Middle East swims in, so that their version of truth and therefore of justice between us Jews and the Arabs in our ancient homeland is a pipedream.
All we can hope for is a state of no war until perhaps the end of days when these tribal primitives opt for civilization and peace with one of its progenitors, us Jews…