Europe’s Chronic Hatred

Internet Radio

…So I reserve judgment on the gravity of this demarche by the bureaucracy in Brussels, its real impact. I have no doubt it has been fueled by vintage European Jew-hatred of many generations. This EU diktat is a cousin of the Polish legislation outlawing the kosher slaughter of animals. Each is a jab at the Jews the way the Roman centurion jabbed his lance in the side of the Jew on the cross. For fun, for sadistic pleasure. Again, it is a mistake to think that anything the EU does is for the benefit of the Ancient Ones. What moves them is their age-old hostility to Jews.

The EU organization has come down and not for the first time 100% alongside the Arabs here, these Muslims with their suicide bombers, their terrorists who enjoy bashing Jewish faces and heads into pulp.

And all those who side with the Arabs in the matter of who owns Judea and Samaria are anti-Jews plain and simple. Here is a property dispute: who owns this land? And the EU is 100% on the side of the barbarians.

The morality of this policy – the idea that Israel must hand back all the land it took in 1967 – could not be more antisemitic for denying the age old principle to Jews of β€œto the victors go the spoils…