Count Our Blessings We Are Not Arabs

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This is why the invasion of Europe by Muslims, with the Europeans letting it happen, is a sign of European morbidity. One can foresee in the near future a Holland that is dominated by Muslims who democratically vote to install sharia law, join the Islamic Cooperation Conference and become the 57th officially Muslim state.

It is also a sign of morbidity in the States — and especially among the non-observant Jews — that Donald Trump’s desire to keep more Muslims from entering the country has angered them and they are protesting Trump’s Islamophobia and/or anti-Muslim racism.

Not surprisingly Trump’s desire to bar Muslims drew the ire of the ADL that called it “deeply offensive.”

When the ADL goes to bat for Islam — this monstrous form of antisemitism — the ADL ceases to be a Jewish defense organization, as they describe themselves, than a passel of cowardly narcissists for their inability to defend America from the menace of Islam because that would be politically incorrect. What is correct is that all religions are of equal worth and Judaism and Islam are both Abrahamic religions.

Yeah right…