Alma DiShikra/World of Lies

Internet Radio

October 7, 2010
36:40 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:22 Mins)
…First the two top stories in Israel today, seemingly separate yet very much linked. Last webcast on Tuesday, I reported that although Prime Minister Netanyahu convened his seven top ministers to talk about the latest Obamanation of a demand that we Jews continue to throttle our own growth in the Promised Land by extending the freeze on building but in the end they didn’t discuss the topic at all, and today in Yediot one of their ranking political reporters Shimon Shiffer explained why. Apparently, Bibi had sent a reply to Sultan Obama’s offer of some goodies for continuing to keep young Jewish couples marooned in leaky caravans and not allow them to start building homes that they have been paying mortgages on for ten months now. But Barack Hussein had yet to reply to Bibi’s reply which contained his own request for other goodies, in particular a commitment from this bum Obama to sign off/agree to Pres. Bush 43’s letter of April, 2004 to then prime minister Sharon. Obama, you may remember, since he came to power, has refused to do that because W’s promises are game-stoppers for Obama’s beloved Muslim Palestinian victims of Zionism…