A Chronic Jewish Temptation

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, I have avoided until now any words on the top story in Israel which remains the struggle by Netanyahu to form a government and it is not pretty. Everybody is coming off dirty. Boogie Herzog and Co. are simply shameless, virtually comatose in their hostility to the people of Israel who voted clearly for Bibi to lead them. This nitwit said yesterday he was going to replace Bibi, bring him down – and never mind the implicit sneering at the clear wish of the voters for him.

On the other side, Bibi has to promise millions of taxpayers’ shekels to finance the invention of utterly useless government ministries to satisfy his shameless Likudniks demand for them.

He is in the middle of legislation cancelling legislation that limits a government to 18 ministries, and thus makes a mockery of legislation as a serious endeavor. I remember when Assad. Jr. was made dictator in Damascus after the death of his father. The Syrian constitution said he was too young, so one morning their so-called parliament voted to write a new constitution.

In these days, Israel seems not much better…