“Taking Risks for Peace”? (07/08/10)

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……And that was Psalm 113, assorted verses from it, from the Hallel Prayer. What a talent he is. And that is the tenth of his ten selections on his a capella album, and so now for the remainder of the three weeks, another four webcasts and today, we will repeat the cycle.

So, not surprisingly on Tuesday when Bibi met Barack, the latter came out of the meeting pleased to tell the press that he was persuaded that Israel is, under Prime Minister Netanyahu’s leadership, ready to “take risks for peace.”

That’s an expression of lengthy pedigree; it has been in the lexicon of the peace processors for years. They believe that one necessary ingredient of successful peace processing is Israel’s readiness to “take risks for peace” – which is code for “retreat and weakening itself by handing over strategically important terrain to the enemy in the belief this will please him and slake his thirst for what Israel possesses. Israel must take a risk for peace by endangering itself even more than it is endangered now.”

And why? To placate, to satisfy, to soothe the savage breast of the Ishmaelites who feel aggrieved because Israel stole Palestine from them. If Israel wants peace, it must compensate the victims of its national movement.

Hence, even more “confidence-building gestures” to be made by Israel. Notice, the Ancient Palestinians are never asked to make their own confidence-building measures, like reducing the quantity of antisemitic bilge on their PA TV station.

Nothing. Never. Goornisht. Only Israel must make confidence-building measures a/k/a baksheesh, tribute. The Ancient Ones never, the aggrieved party in this relationship.

One wishes for a prime minister who when asked by some obnoxious, ignorant journalist like a Thomas Friedman if Israel is prepared to take risks for peace, answers candidly: “What, are you crazy? Do you think we are crazy? We are surrounded on the three sides, 5 and a half million of us, by 300 million barbaric Arabs and Muslims whose core identity, Islam, is a nasty piece of antisemitic nonsense in a league with Mein Kampf or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“We Jews too, if not ahistorical Israelis, have a history with these Muslims going back 14 centuries, and it’s not a pretty story. And in our own time as well, these cruel savages have bombed us hundreds of times with their suicide maniacs, homicidal Muslim maniacs for whom murdering Jews is the ultimate in piety, more important than life itself. Exploding yourself in the middle of a crowd of unsuspecting Jewish people in an otherwise peaceful civilian setting is worth it – if you take the lives of as many al-Yahud as you can with you.

“That’s who the enemy is, No. 1. No.2: We don’t take risks because we live on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea on a strip of land 50 miles/80 kilometers across, that’s it.

“Take risks for peace”? The last person in Israel who should be ready to take risks for peace is the prime minister. His first duty is to protect his people. A parent sends his child to school on a school bus and expects the driver to take no chances when on the road with his charges. He must take no risks. And likewise the prime minister of Israel is charged with the safety of his people surrounded by all these brutes.

“No sir,” I would tell Prince Obama Israel will take no risks for peace whatsoever. Let the other side take risks for peace. We took a big risk in 1994 when we handed over a significant amount of land to the Arabs in Yesha and what we got in return was a series of diabolical bombings that took the lives of almost 2,000 Jews and wounded even more physically, and even more emotionally: the surviving family and friends of the dead, the crippled and the mutilated.

I am sick of these peace processors and their process which is all about kowtowing to these barbarians…