Why the Violence?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And one engine driving their behavior is the subterranean issue of their guilt for acting like the savages that they are. That, after all, was the catalyst for today’s riots. It all started when three Muslims murdered two Israelis in cold blood on what the cliché says is land holy to the three religions.

No, it’s not. The Muslims have little sense of the holy. What happened on the Temple Mount for the first time in fifty years was proof that these violent Arabs have no sense of the holy, of the historical and religious truth that the Temple Mount was the site of animal sacrifices meant to sublimate the human urge to kill other men.

It is simply not true that the Muslims think this mount is holy as they applaud what happened there two weeks ago. And I say the uproar, the indignant outrage, at Israel placing those metal detectors was a way of distracting people from seeing themselves as they really are: cold-blooded murderers, assassins. Muslims, not Jews, broke the status quo, big time, and thus the insult of the metal detectors was a way of covering up their guilt…