We’re Good and They’re Evil

  Thursday - August 10, 2017 6:59 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…National Socialism was Fascism laced with delusional thoughts about Jews as the evil enemies of mankind – when of course the Nazis were the enemies of mankind — which implicitly recognized the Jews as standing for goodness, not evil. Hitler’s mortal enemy was his opposite. He was evil incarnate, the Jews were goodness incarnate.

And so today PMW reported on the celebration yesterday among the savages the anniversary of the Sbarro massacre of Jews, that eruption of Hell on earth when a Muslim smuggled a bomb into a bustling family restaurant and snuffed out the lives of 15 Jews, half of them children. Hamas has a TV station and they celebrated the joyous victory of August 9, 2001.

At what point are we Jews allowed to say aloud that these people are ghouls, which is a mythical Arab figure in folklore who eats the dead? There is an abyss separating us Jews from these Arab barbarians, these subcivilized brutes who revel in murdering people like this. It really is the hallmark of the subcivilized, these Arab Muslims, in Hamas, who celebrate evil. Last century the Germans were our evil mortal enemies; today, it is the turn of the Arabs, really the Muslims, who have taken the place of Nazis…

Northern Israel