“We built this city…”

  Thursday - November 11, 2010 5:24 PM EST

Internet Radio

Audio Excerpt (4:52 Mins)
…So Barry Soetero a/k/a Pres. Barack Hussein Obama spoke yesterday in a country he felt at home in probably more than he ever did in the United States. And one contributing factor was likely the skin color of the Indonesians among whom he lived and played as boy, ages 6-10. He likely felt much more at home in Indonesia than in America.

He has spoken with real feeling for the good times of his boyhood there among his friends, other, in his own words “brown boys.”

These people are Muslims, the Indonesians, and likely (not having ever been there) are less irritating than the Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula; gentler. And Barack Hussein had experiences other boys have of playing outdoors in summertime when there was no school, fond memories of boyhood.

But what he cannot accept now as an adult is that their religion, the religion of his father the Muslim, is a menace to mankind. He persists in describing al-Qaeda as a menace, but that does not mean Islam is a bad religion, he says.

Again yesterday in his compulsive outreach to Muslim states, he said Islam is a “great world religion,” and in that he could not be more un-American. That’s his problem: he likes Islam, when Islam stands for behaviors American don’t like. Like chopping off the hands of thieves; like cruelly treating women as less than human; like being a religion in which psychopaths like bin Ladin and Arafat the covert Muslim extremist can act out their fantasies with support.

Americans wrote a Bill of Rights which they appended to their brand-new constitution which began with the declaration that there will be “no establishment of religion” in the new republic, meaning no government office regulating religion. That was none of the government’s business.

At the time the American Revolution broke out, New York City alone had about 30,000 people and 22 different kinds of churches and one synagogue; and no mosque

Today’s ahistorical liberals completely misunderstand those first words of the First Amendment. They think it means the government must be hostile to religion, when the opposite is true. The purpose of the so-called “no establishment clause” was to allow for unfettered religious life over which the government has no control; no control over a man’s deepest beliefs.

Versus Islam, where it rules in its majority institutes itself as the official relilgion and is arguably the most totalitarian society in human history. The Soviet Union lasted a mere 72 years; Islam has been around for 14 centuries abusing and humiliating all those in its midst who aren’t Muslims. Christians, Jews, Animists. They are murdering them like crazy now in Iraq.

Hindus, Buddhists have all suffered from the Muslims. Perhaps the greatest genocidal massacre in history was what Muslims did in the Indian sub-continent which everywhere was populated by idol-worshippers, whom Islam teaches must either convert immediately to Islam or be killed on the spot by a Believer…

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