War On The Horizon?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Chief of Staff Eisencott today said another round of war will be launched by Hezbollah, and said that this time, versus 2006, the Israeli government will hold the government of Lebanon responsible because it recognized Hezballah as a respect partner in the government.

Gee, I hope not. That summer of 2006 was a sickening a month and change of rocket attacks on the north that drove like a million Jews from their homes, fleeing in their cars, for daily life became impossible.

Only this time, they have ten times the rockets they had then and far more importantly, those were primitive Katyusha and Grad rockets. What they have now are all GPS-guided and it is a given they can target any building in Israel.

If the situation goes critical, if I were the prime minister, I would tell Angela Merkel to tell Teheran in secret, of course, that if those missiles in south Lebanon are ever launched at us, Israel will not hesitate to vaporize Teheran, and throw in for good measure the obliteration of the cities of Qom and Najaf too, which are of particular religious significance to the Shiites…