Us Head-Chopping Settlers

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes indeedy. The world is nauseated once again by Muslim behavior as on 9-11 and this is how not the cranks on the fringes of society in Islam but it leaders, the politicians, the generals, the academics deal with it: in classical fashion according to the cultural anthropologists. These shame societies, not guilt cultures, simply cannot assimilate and deal with guilt; only shame and big time. One of the hosts on FIX TV responding to the latest ghoulish beheading – ghoul being an Arabic word and figure in folklore akin to an African voodooist’s zombie, by emphasizing how they humiliated David Haines in that video.

And because these blood-thirsty maniacs lack all guilt, like sociopaths in the West. they are barbarians, and have been through all of recorded history. The word “barbarian” is believed to derive from the ancient Greek word varvaros, in meaning a non-Greek primitive, and it was attached to the Hamitic peoples (as we see them) on the other side of the Mediterranean which came to be called the Barbary Coast, home to the Barbary Pirates who my pioneering research exposed were not pirates but mujahedeen for centuries; as they are today.

And here was the Balestinian Authority whining that the ISIS Crisis was stealing the spotlight from Ancient Ones suffering no less at the hands of the Jews, camouflaged verbally as “the Occupation.” I am suggesting that as in Algeria in 1950s when the Muslims there learned to talk the talk civilized people wanted to hear, about national liberation not jihad, so the “Zionist Occupation” today has become a cover-up for al-Yahud. The Jews, the spawn of Satan, bearers of all evil…