Trump’s Iran Strike

Internet Radio

Program Link: ‘Trump made a historic, bold decision on Iran’
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel is their obsession. For Islam, Israel is like George Orwell’s Goldstein, Public Enemy No. 1 who government employees were require to shout out their hatred of him every day.

Donald Trump took note of that in his groundbreaking speech on Iran on Friday. He could not have been clearer and more focused. The target of his Iran policy is Iran’s A-bomb project and, as he did many times during campaign, swore that was his goal. All the rest is tactics and strategy toward that goal.

His listed, G-d bless him, the numerous acts of war by Iran against the US, to which the US has never responded with war. And via his declaration of war, without calling it that, he proved, leastwise to yours truly, at least for now, that his choice of three military men among the four most important foreign policy directors — State, Defense, CIA and NSA — was done from the conviction that armies and navies and air forces are necessary and sometimes must be used in the national interest.

Those of us with not a dual loyalty but a double loyalty to the US and Israel have been worried over three of the four appear who appear to be antiJews, not at all friendly to Israel.

But in this decision, Trump appears to have overridden their pathetic counsel of keeping the Iran deal, and rightly is on track to wreck it.

How many times has he said it was the worst deal in American history, though I still yearn for a politician to go public and call the Iran deal not the worst deal but the best deal — for a traitor? Obama and John Kerry who not only promised 150 billion dollars to the anti-American enemy of Iran but shamelessly shipped as asked by Teheran some of it in unmarked bills, stacks of different currencies. This is the work of criminals…