Today’s Abbas Op-Ed

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…I wish you all could have seen the front-page of the tabloid Maariv yesterday morning, after Nakba Day the day before. The centerpiece was a page-wide, large photograph of the two fences at Majdal Shams with the dozens of Arab youths climbing over them coming from Syria.

I am sure in the Web you can find such pictures and I suggest looking at them for an extended period of time. Notice how all of them are males. All young, teenagers; all of them thuggish and angry and menacing. It is a portrait of the seed of Ishmael today a/k/a ‘the Arab street’ which has been home to such youth from time immemorial leading to the old English expression “street Arab.”

These pictures, these still photos are really quite frightening for they are pictures of the type of human beings who slaughtered the Fogels; who slaughtered 69 yeshiva boys in Hevron in 1929; who slaughtered dozens of Jewish children at Maalot; and stop me before I go any further with this list. It could take a half an hour to read them all.

Mahmoud Abbas the doctor of history is what they come up with as their most refined of their intellectuals, but on this page in these photographs, this is the bottom of the barrel in their community that Abbas wants to be give Israeli citizenship to. He says they, these boys, have the “right of return”; and the most important Ancient Palestinian goal is the “right of return.”

Think of that for a moment and what it says. Abbas and his gangsters are alleged to be interested in creating a state for Balestinians, yet in demanding as their ultimate condition for peace the “right of return,” they are saying they want millions of Ancient Ones to have the right not to live in this state but the Jewish state.

Excuse me? By insisting on a “right of return” as the highest of PA goals, Abbas is insisting on the right of his Balestinians to live outside this state.

Which is it?

I long for the day when an Israeli prime minister says Israel no longer has any desire formal peace treaties with our Arab neighbors. Israel no longer has any interest in diplomatic relations, in commercial relations, in tourist exchanges.

All Israel asks for from the Arabs is to stop murdering us and leave us alone…