Three A-J Reactions

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Webcast Title: Three A-J Reactions
Webcast Date: 02/23/2010
Length: 42:47 Minutes
(February 23, 2010) …Think of that. A Jew so alienated from Jewness he can’t call his ancient homeland by its rightful name. What’s wrong with calling these hills Eretz Yehudah, the ancient name for the tribal share in the Promised Land of the tribe of Judah, the great survivors of arguably the first real great Holocaust when 10 of the 12 tribes vanished into the melting pot of all peoples, leaving behind only the tribes of Judah and little Benjamin with some Levites and Cohens among them?

Thus did Jews, the Judaeans, enter history. And here is Haim Oron pointing to Judea and insisting it belongs to the seed of Hamitic Canaan and the Hamitic Philistines.

And as mentioned at the outset: notice the rape of history in his referring to the “borders” of Israel, meaning the 1949 cease-fire line which cease-fire the Arabs never honored. They just changed tactics. They had learned a bitter lesson in the ‘48-‘49 fighting that the Jews could run circles around them as fighters in uniform, soldiers. So they returned their soldiers to their barracks and supported men in civilian dress who would cross the cease-fire line to murder Jews at random…

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