Thieves & Murderers

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Today was doubly bitter. A massive fire broke in the south that will burn days. And in the Shomron, an Arab-Muslim shot two Jews to death, wounding a third.

At the Barkan Industrial Area down the road from Ariel where 8,000 people, half Jews, have Arabs, come to work every day, a known Arab employee in one of the companies showed up with a home-made automatic weapon and shot to death a 28-year-old wife to a husband and mother to an infant 16-months old. The MSM said she was an Israeli, but that is only academically true. Because she was a Jewess, she was murdered by an Arab, a Muslim, driven by hatred having nothing to do with Palestinian patriotism. These savages were doing these things to Jews here in the 20th century — when they were denying there was such a country called Falastin, a name they cannot even pronounce correctly it is so unknown to them, and today’s so-called Palestinian identity had nothing to do with it…