The West Needs Self-Love

Internet Radio

Program Link: An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: wake up!

…No doubt the Muslim con man in the White House sincerely has believed that since Islam is the answer, and all the governments in the Arab states are corrupt dictatorships, it makes sense to support their perennial opposition, the Muslim Brothers. Obama is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Political correctness prevents people in the West from speaking the truth that in the Middle East, in Syria, Iraq, Libya etc. the people are unfit for democracy because they are so illiterate, uneducated, anarchic and cruel to one another, to women. They say most of the women in Egypt have been mutilated.

The West has to recover its healthy self-love as the home of Judeo—Greco-Roman Christian civilization and not shy away from looking at the people in the countries where Islam dominates as barbarians…