The UN’s Latest Aggression

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And how do we know that? Very simply, by the behavior of the nations of the world in congress assembled, a.k.a. the United Nations Organization which is obsessed with our little state and possessed with the need to scold Israel for its immoral behavior as no other state in the world in the UN organization is chastised.

Today’s latest episode is the world’s obsessive-compulsive daily need to point the finger of guilt at Israel firing charges of immoral behavior, its immoral, criminal persecution of the Ancient People whose country the Jews stole from them.

Two days ago the webcast was about Michael Lynk at the UN, a Canadian, I believe, calling for denying visas to Israelis and in effect turning the whole state into a ghetto.

Today a top story was the decision by the UN to spend 1.3 billion dollars on helping the Ancient Palestinians achieve their stated goal of statehood, which will entail condemning Israel for its criminal occupation of their ancient homeland.

Remember the 1975 UNGA Resolution 3379 condemning Zionism as “a form of racism”? Well that spiritual state of mind at work in the General Assembly then remains alive and well and perhaps will remain so until Moshiach comes, in which it is our destiny to fight back against this ageless, eternal human response to the very existence of the Jews fueled by homicidal hatred…