“The Longest Hatred”

  Tuesday - April 25, 2017 8:14 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…You can quote me: Sha’i ben-Tekoa says that there has been only one genocide, that is extermination attempt of an entire nation. True, in the early 20th century in today’s Namibia, the German colonists, in the so-called scramble for African colonies along with the British, French, Italians and Spanish, set out to exterminate the Herero people who were herdsman but hardly a nation. At the time of their brutalization for resisting the German presence and enslavement, there were maybe 80,000 in this community, reduced by the horrors to 15,000. The Germans thought it would be no great loss if all were exterminated. Like future Nazi doctors, they also used the Herero for medical experiments, if not the truly bizarre kind.

But again, this was not result of delusions about of the Herero committing monstrous satanic crimes and being a threat to the human race. It was a true racist atrocity, which must not be conflated with the derangement of Hitlerian antisemitism, successor to Catholic teaching about Jews…

Northern Israel