The Joseph’s Tomb Abomination

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…Well, with your understanding, this may be an abbreviated webcast as there is a meeting in my shtetl this evening dealing with new security arrangements that I should attend. My educated guess is that the IDF has beefed up its presence in Yesha significantly and specifically to defend the so-called settlements because intelligence sees the possibility of large masses of Ishmaelites marching on them, marching on those who stole Ancient Palestine from their forefathers. There are Facebook pages on this idea and of course last week LTF, the consummate Jewish antiJew traitor Little Tommy Friedman wrote on what a great idea it would be for million homicidal Hamites to march on Israel’s borders – unarmed of course.

Today the MSM here reported on IDF preparations along our frontiers to deal with another expected round of masses of Ishmael-clones, young, semi-literate Arab youth, repeating the Nakba antics in the north from Lebanon, on the Golan Heights, along the Jurassic Park-like security barrier around the Gaza rectangle as well.

Today the talk was not of Nakba Day but Naksa Day, another Arabic word that means “setback,” this one linked not to 1948 but 1967, whose anniversary is next week. The Arabians are planning on, I think, another 2-3 day festival of hatred for the crime of Israel’s victory in 1967 during which they claim more than 300,000 Ancient Ones were expelled from their ancient dwellings, which is likely a highly inflated number because the Arabs chronically inflate numbers.

One of the annoying aspects of that story about the 24 Israeli actors acting out of the words of Arabs is the apparent ignorance of the well-known Arab penchant for exaggeration, hyperbole, above all mixing truth and fantasy. That these actors take these Arabs at their words is unforgivably ignorant about Arab culture.

Anyway, here’s the last piece of music. I’ll be back on Thursday, G-d willing. Until then, Leila tov miEretz Yisrael.