The Holy Green Line III

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…Finally, yesterday’s webcast raised the situation in Egypt where Muslim Brotherhood Jew-hatred has surfaced and become more acceptable than it was under Mubarak, and how that makes Egypt like Syria now a terrorist state for being so accommodating to the terrorists in Hamas. Today the news was that Khalid Mashaal is moving his operation from Damascus to Cairo.

And today getting on that same bandwagon of re-branding of Hamas as a kosher organization was that Turkish brute Erdogan who also denied Hamas is a terrorist organization like Amr Moussa.

This has become like a litmus test for determining members of civilization versus members of barbarism. Here is Erdogan once again exposing himself for those not blind to see him as another Islamist Jew-hater, antisemitic thug.

You know for decades the UN has tried to write a text, to compose a definition of terrorism for the organization. But it has never succeeded and the reason is that the West wants a definition which includes terroristic Jew-killing as one manifestation of terrorism, versus the Arabs and the Muslims who do not see Muslim terror murders of Jews as terrorism at all.

Leila tov veShabbat Shalom mi Eretz Yisrael.