The Hillaryites Are Perverse

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…They say this devil Stephen Paddock was a millionaire, a compulsive gambler, which is why he lived near to Las Vegas. He calls to mind that Muslim who massacred 49 sodomites in that night club on Orlando, Florida. That one seems to have been profoundly tormented about his addiction to homosexual fantasies and behaviors he otherwise in public scorned as a good Muslim. Call it an overpowering hatred for the scene in that den of iniquity that so attracted him and made him hate himself for its very existence. His act massacre was all bound up with his own conflicted impulses. He hated being gay and hated the gays for their temptation.

And here is a guy with gambling problem, son of an armed and dangerous bank robber, like the Orlando murderer imagining a fantasy and carrying it out. Much preparation and forethought.

It seems Stephen Paddock was as attracted to and hateful of sin city, Las Vegas, and this was his revenge…