The Coup in Egypt

Internet Radio

…Well, the word in Jerusalem is that Prime Minister Benyamin ben Bentzion has enjoined his ministers to say nothing of what is happening in Egypt, which is the right course. Who knows what’s going to happen there, which will happen no matter what Israeli ministers say?

Since the last webcast, the Egyptian army has executed a military coup d’etat, arrested the legitimately elected president of Egypt Muhammed Morsi. The 20-30 million demonstrators this week got their way.

Maybe we have to redefine what we think of when we say “the Arab street.” Egyptian society seems to be one in which politics is less a field for competing ideas than how many people you can bring out into the street.

Typically the Arab street has referred to the feelings of the young, male, unemployed who for time immemorial can be seen in droves in the streets of Arab cities. Seen them myself…