The Conversion Conundrum

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…It is a Jewish virtue never to bring up a convert’s conversion in an argument, by saying, “What do you know because you are a convert?” and in a similar way I find it unfair to demand of a convert in Israel today that he or she adopt the discipline, however admirable, of the Haredi community, who I have the greatest respect for their way of life, (while rejecting their mistaken decision to avoid the army.)

If one born a Jew in Israel is respected as a Jew regardless of his level of observance, then there is something unfair in demanding of the convert a standard Haredi way of living to be considered a Jew.

Once must recognize that there are many non-Halachic Jewish Israelis who want to be considered Jews, who live and work here and serve in the army, and it just unfair to demand of them a level of observance and knowledge their native-born Jewish neighbors are not held to…