The Almighty’s Hidden Help

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Michael Lynk and the bulk of the billion-plus Muslims in the world and still too many in the West remain enslaved to the same mental crippling that makes them see in Jews not agents of HaShem, the Merciful G-d of Abraham, in contrast to the cruel pagan gods on the goyim in his time. Michael Lynk and fellow Jew-haters see us as the opposite, as agents of major evil.

This is the mind of Roger Waters who likewise has said Israel is the worst human rights offender in the world. These people minds twist their vision. They hate the one people that at Mt. Sinai accepted G-d’s amazing Torah when all the other people rejected it. The Chosen people was the Choosing people, and for that is hated.

Michael and the UNHRC, 47 states functioning like a panel of priests in 16th century Europe condemning Jews to suffering, in this case, turning Israel into a pariah state, its people denied visas, turning the country into ghetto/prison, cutting off trade to impoverish the state until the Jews themselves decides to drive out the half-million of them living on “Palestinian” land illegally.

And I say, “What do you expect when Israel itself never shoots down that accusation?” Israel never says the opposite, that Judea and Samaria are legally and rightfully Jewish property on which the Arabs there live on our sufferance. Legally and morally, this is our land and they enemy are aliens living on it…