Money As Bait
May 23, 2019

Webcast – May 23, 2019

Yesterday at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Israel’s 71st Independence Day was the purpose of an assembly, during which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a speech to the invited guests; Members of the House and Senate from both parties, the new special envoy for monitoring and combating antisemitism Elan Carr, foreign diplomats, IBJs and former IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, who’s now a visiting fellow at the Washington Near East Institute. It is sort of a tradition that former IDF Chiefs of Staff are given, after retiring, an all-expenses paid sabbatical in the States funded by some pro-Israel think-tank.

Mike Pompeo of course saluted the State of Israel and its accomplishments and touted the Trump Administration’s numerous good deeds done to Israel – recognizing Jerusalem and moving the Embassy, recognizing the Golan and beyond this symbolic gestures, tearing up the Iran deal the Louis Farrakhan clone in the Oval Office made with Iran in cahoots with the veteran American traitor Kerry and concretely imposed crippling economic sanctions.

Listening to the Arabs
May 21, 2019

Webcast – May 21, 2019

Yesterday the US led by those two famous experts on Arabs and Islam Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt announced that on June 25 in Bahrain lots of countries and experts will convene to discuss a whopping boost to the economy of the Palestinians, apparently in the belief they can be enticed with money to reconcile themselves to inferior political status subservient to al-Yahud, the Jews. No good.

Whither Germany?
May 19, 2019

Webcast – May 19, 2019

So there has been good news and bad from historically the most antisemitic goy, antiJew nation in history even before the 20th century, Germany. On Friday the Bundestag voted its judgment that the BDS movement is not what it claims to be, a support group for the victims of Zionism, the poor, poor, archaic nation of Palestine, whose entire country was stolen from them by the Jews. No, it is an antisemitic organization and of course wants to see Israel destroyed, G-d forbid.

They voted their recognition that the BDS movement, modeled on the anti-apartheid movement in Southern Africa, should not be modeled on that because that was about skin color discrimination. The war against Israel is against equal rights for Jews. What the invention of the Palestinians did was to camouflage the reality that the violence against the Jews was meant to prevent them from self-rule, no longer under the Muslim jackboot on sandal as may be the case.

Europe’s War TODAY against Jewishness
May 16, 2019

Webcast – May 16, 2019

On Monday in Antwerp, the conference of European rabbis faced the growing antisemitic aggression disguised as pity for the poor animals so cruelty killed by the Jews who refuse to stun with a blast of electricity instead of committing the least painful lethal blow: a small cut in a crucial vein.

This is the way some suicides end their lives. There are various waves: a gun, sleeping pills, jumping from a height, hanging oneself and drawing a bath, a nice warm womb-like tub of hot water to soak in, slice a wrist and slowly bleed to death.

The goyim in these countries are basically sermonizing to us Jews about being cruel to animals. “You Jews with your primitive religion are unnecessarily cruel to animals in the way you kill them eat for food. These goyim perch themselves up there on Mount Olympus to preach to us about our cruelty to animals; the nations who gave the world bull-fighting, bearing-baiting, cock fights, pit bull fights. I have even heard that in Denmark and I imagine other enlightened European countries there are animal brothels for men who like to fornicate with animals.

Thanks, Rashida, For The Lesson
May 14, 2019

Webcast – May 14, 2019

This is one reason I believe in G-d, the G-d of Israel, because in a way so does the whole world. No country is talked about in the council of nations more than Israel. It is why I say that beside in the inhuman genius of the Torah and the magnificence of Nature and all of creation, antisemitism is a proof of the truth of the Jewish religion.

The journalistic cliché is true: Jews are news, and how often we make news, in the latest case of another eruption of Muslim ignorance, in the latest language out of the mouth of Rashida Tlaib who does not know that all her life she was lied to about who she is and the history of the last two centuries in what she calls Balestine, which contain no evidence that there ever was such a Palestinian people as she was taught.

RFK, A True Friend
May 12, 2019

Webcast – May 12, 2019

On YNET Minister Yuval Steinitz warns of a possible next war against us. Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are patriotic Americans who for America’s defense are boosting its military defense in the Persian Gulf, and if the US and Iran clash, Iran will use the moment to fire missiles against us as Saddam did in 1991.

We also could be attacked by Iran’s proxies in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. I think Iran would reflexively do that rather than strike back at US forces. War for these savage Muslims is less about a clash of armed forces in uniforms than just killing the enemy’s people. And since American civilians are too far away, then killing the Jews with whom the Big Satan Amrika is in cahoots with will do.

At their government-sponsored rallies, mobs of Muslim males shout “Death to Amrika and Death to Israel. The Big Satan and the Little Satan. These are Muslims whose Koran tells them that their greatest enemies are the Jews, worse even then Christian priests. The first serious chapter called Baqqara, pilfered from the Jewish idea of the Red Heifer (bakar) is a screed against the Jews. The very existence of Israel is experienced as an insult and challenge to Islam over who is Allah’s favorite. That is the Islamic meaning of the Dome of the Rock. Muhammad was there and leapt to heaven and henceforth the Jews’ temple mount belongs to Islam. Islam has triumphed over Judaism.

If that were not the case, Allah would not have let Believers overrun and take the Jews’ temple mount away from them and build a shrine to Muhammad, the greatest prophet ever, greater than all the Jews’ prophets.