Slaves of Slaves

Internet Radio

…Once again, here is no marginal crank but the leader of the Lebanese Shiites accusing Jews of committing massacres we never have. This is classic, textbook anti-Semitism for its fantastical imagination.

His outfit, the Party of G-d came to public attention not by winning Nobel Prizes in Medicine but the massacre technique of the suicide bomber; he who insinuates himself into a crowd of innocent people and explodes himself. It is for this massacre technique Nasrallah’s organization became famous and here he is in classical, textbook Muslim fashion attacking when attacked by returning the accusations. The Muslim never tries to defend his behavior. He just flings back whatever accusation is made against him. Hence, Israel is guilty of massacres. We are a kind of dartboard for these primitives whose darts are dipped in their own guilt they must stab us with.

This guy is a mass murderer who accuses the IDF of being mass murderers…