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…In Yediot as well, my favorite settler journalist, Hagai Segal, who used to be the star journalist at Arutz 7 in Hebrew, danced around this facet of this important rabbi. In the immediate wake of a man’s passing it is not right to highlight his sins.

He was verbally vicious towards fellow Sabbath-observant, kashrut-observant, family purity-observant Jews as he, but because their sons serve in the army, he sneered and curled his lip at them.

There was fracture in his character. In person with others he was remarkably gentle and polite, but when pronouncing on others in the realm of politics, Rabbi Jekyll turned in Rabbi Hyde.

His merits were great and many; had they not been, 800,000 Jews yesterday would not have interrupted their workday routine to attend his funeral.

Still, I think his life will become an example of the unstable and dangerous mixing of politics which is about power, and religion, which focuses more on the lives of each individual in his or her daily life…