Rabbi Yigal Strikes Again

  Thursday - March 23, 2017 6:17 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Greeks built a sports stadium right next to the Temple Mount in order to tempt the Levite custodians to join them in their athletic games which were performed in the buff.

Some who did found themselves mocked by the Greeks for their circumcision, so they engaged in a kind of primitive plastic surgery by slicing off flesh and reattaching to make it look like a foreskin. And could there be any more symbolic antiJew behavior than this, when this is the sign of the Covenant between Abraham and his seed?

And it was no capricious decision of the Almighty to choose this act of covenant, the permanent marking of the sex organ. Why not make a mark like the Mark of Cain on the forehead? Or a boring of the earlobe to symbolize that this is a people that calls Shma Yisrael, hear O Israel?

No, Hashem knew what He was doing when He chose circumcision to be the symbol of the covenant between the Creator of mankind and his special kingdom of priests who would stand for righteous sexual behavior as God intends…

Northern Israel