“Pushy, Greedy, Criminal & Cruel”

  Tuesday - March 9, 2010 5:40 PM EST

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Webcast Title: “Pushy, Greedy, Criminal & Cruel”
Webcast Date: 03/09/2010
Length: 32:08 Minutes
(March 9, 2010) …There was an op-ed in Haaretz today that I could barely get through and did not because it was apparent from the gitgo that the leftist writer, whom I am not familiar with, calling for dialogue with Hamas simply did not know what he was talking about. He had no awareness of the stakes involved on the other side: how essential it is to the Muslim enterprise that Israel not be allowed to live. Israel’s very existence is experienced as an aggression, an insult to Islam. Its existence mocks the Muslim claim that they are the Chosen People who have a right to rule over this Land; indeed, the whole earth. They say this is Muslim territory.

Hamas has been at least up front about its philosophy of wanting to destroy Israel, G-d forbid, with delusionists of the Left believing that Fatah, by contrast, doesn’t want to do that.
Here was this latest Haaretz leftist arguing that Israel just had to open a dialogue with Hamas because they too are part to the conflict.

It is significant in the MSM here in recent days that more than one leftist is whining that Israel has never been in such bad repute in the world; never have so many countries been against Israel – because these leftists cannot tolerate the Torah prophecy that Israel is a “people that dwells alone.”

And what reeks of Jewish antisemitism in these Israeli leftists is their whining that the hostility to Israel in the West (never mind the East) is the fault of the Jews themselves, and that is because they are just too inconsiderate and selfish. All they care about is their own nation. They’re too Jewish, and thereby cruel to the victims of Zionism.

For these people, Jews demanding their rights is evidence they are pushy, greedy, criminal and cruel Jews…

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