Provincial Israel

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…You know what Islamophobia is? It’s the attempt to do to non-Muslims what Pres. Obama did after the massacre at Ft. Hood. It is an attempt to make people deny the reality of their senses and common sense; to persuade them that what they think they saw they did not. Said Obama, “Islam had nothing to do with Ft. Hood,” and by implication anyone who thinks that is Islamophobic, has an irrational animus against Islam.

When the head-chopping festivals on TV started some months back, Obama was there to tell you to modify your feelings and thoughts because, you know, during the Crusades Christians also did terrible things too. Moral equivalence is multiplying two negative numbers and coming with a positive one. If both sides are guilty of terrorism, Arabs of terrorism and Israeli soldiers of war crimes, the guilt of the Arabs, by comparison, fades. When both sides are guilty, no side is guilty. They cancel each other out.

So yours truly was disheartened by the government’s action today. Again, just for the sake of avoiding pointless clashes with the Enlightened who yesterday shrieked “Apartheid! Racism!” it would have been better to delay until Her Majesty of Enlightened Political Science Dr. Mogherini was no longer in the country. But once that screw-up screwed up, the government should have pushed back at the antisemitic venom spewed at us for “Apartheid! Racism! It is the color of these Arabs’ skin that led to this program because Israelis are racists and just can’t stand the way the Arabians look physically.”