Our Real Enemies

Internet Radio

September 2, 2010
40:05 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:28 Mins)
(September 2, 2010) …What happened between 1967 and 1975 was the invention of the “Palestinians” by the Arab states implied in Res. 242 which called on them to make peace with Israel which they refused to do.

And because they would not do that, they invented this “camouflage”” people, this “smoke-screen” nation to hide behind and say that the primary victims of Zionism were these “Palestinians” and that there could be no peace without including their interests in the negotiations. They had to return to the homes that they were driven from – and never mind only a statistically insignificant percentage suffered that fate. In historical truth, most just ran away.

Which fact was another major impetus behind the invention of the “Palestinians.” In historical fact, they ran away; they did not fight. And in fact one of the reasons they were abused by the Arabs over the decades was this fact, and they were held in contempt for it precisely because everyone knew these refugees were not driven from their homes; that they ran away. Never saw an Israeli soldier, most of them.

So what you do is make up a tall-tale, a new version of what happened, the Palestinian Narrative which reconfigures the refugees’ cowardice and transforms it into “Jewish injustice.”

Better to claim one was driven from one’s home by racist Israeli soldiers than to admit to never having fought for one’s home at all. ..