Obama’s Speech

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“The Zionist gangs stole Palestine…
and established the State of Israel”

…Lastly, the danger of Obama‚Äôs speech today is the encouragement it is likely to give to the enemy to repeat his crashing of our defense lines as we saw at Majdal Shams on Sunday. Some here in the defense establishment here are worried that the next time thousands of unarmed victims of Zionism will charge our lines and we will be faced with the challenge of confronting thousands of unarmed rightful owners of Ancient Palestine. What we will do?

But I am not worried. There is reason to believe that among the mob that crashed the fence on Sunday were enemy agents who are now inside the country.

So all Israel has to do is announce that henceforth any son of Ishmael seen at that fence trying to get over it will he shot dead on the assumption he is an enemy agent too.

And if Israel has to kill thousands sobeit.

And if they appear to be unarmed thousands, that means nothing for they have a record of having explosives in their underwear.

Israel must tell the world we are in a war for our survival. We are under attack by the same Muslim Arabs who brought down the World Trade Center, and our soldiers are soldiers defending our border; they are not policemen.

So let the Ancient Ones come in their thousands to enter our country and we will kill them by the thousands.

Leila tov veShabbat shalom mi Eretz Yisrael.