Obama, Jew-Baiter

Internet Radio

[audio:http://www.deprogramprogram.com/audio/110524_Excerpt.mp3|titles=Sha’i ben-Tekoa]
…Speaking before of the expected flotilla, last Wednesday in London, the National Union of Students adopted a motion branding Israel an apartheid regime and calling on students to participate in the upcoming Gaza flotilla Jew-baiting cruise.

The same day at the University of London the Student Union there voted to implement a boycott campaign against Israel. They called on the University to examine it investments and contracts with companies guilty of violating Palestinian human rights as set out by the Palestinian Boycott National Committee and called on other student unions to join the campaign for Palestinian human rights.

In his coverage in JPost, their man in London Johnny Paul quoted the incoming vice president of the student union saying, “I am delighted the University of London Union has passed this BDS policy on Israel. We stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people. Next year I will ensure that the University of London Union does not give profit to those denying the human rights of the Palestinians.”

What is striking here is the dead language, the robotic, language of Leftist expressions. The absence of individual thinking and originality here is a bit creepy. It seems to cover up feelings underneath. This is not an individual person talking but a cliché-spouting programmed zombie.

And in accusing us in Israel of denying the Palestinians their human rights, I guess we are being inhuman to them. Not quite human; something other worldly.

I think what we are hearing in such talk in our time is the voice of the old-fashioned hater of the evil Jews. This Leftist lexicon is nothing but this generation’s acceptable antisemitism in transformation…