No More Mr. Nice Guy

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel has to attack with words the words of the enemy, and it can start with tongue-lashing Islam for its daily oppression of Jews over 14 centuries. That is the historical record. In every century one can find somewhere in Araby a pogrom against the Jews and oppressive anti-Jew laws.

Israel has to shine a searchlight on the apartheid laws in Islam found in sharia law. Liberal, peacenik-type Jews think there was a Golden Age of Spain, of harmony between Jews and Muslims, which has no basis in the facts. Oh, for sure, some Muslim intellectuals, philosophers and poets liked to engage in friendly discussions with Jewish philosophers and poets, but for the common Jew under Muslim rule everywhere, he had no inherent rights. Jews were never treated as full-blown equals. The rabble enjoyed throwing stones at them in the street. They lived in ghetto-like areas and often lived under curfew.

In Yemen authorities would periodically declare that the Jews had the job of cleaning public latrines which turned them into real, live specimens of smelly, dirty Jews. With my own eyes in Yemen I saw Muslims bearing some kind of weapon but not the Jews…