Nation or Religion?

  Thursday - June 28, 2018 1:18 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I am currently reading a book seemingly tailor-made for me. Published in 1980 by Harvard University Press it is entitled, From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti-Semitism, 1700-1933, by Hebrew University Emeritus Professor of History Jacob Katz. It is a chronicle of the ideas about Jews in the centuries leading up to the Holocaust, the whole burnt offering of the Jewish people. Your normally educated Jew has heard that the term anti-Semitism was invented in the 1870s by Wilhelm Marr but Prof. Katz shows how the content, if not the label, had been around for centuries, meaning, the reconfiguration of Jew-hatred in the Age of Reason, which is a euphemism for rejection of Christianity, which led to the democratic revolutions against divine right monarchy; that led to the Emancipation of the Jews who until the late 18th century were citizens nowhere with rights, who lived on sufferance and were expelled from their homes on a whim…

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