Mutiny in the Ranks!

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So the big story today was the letter sent on Friday to the prime minister, chief of staff and head of military intelligence by 43 “Palestinian nationalists” of Jewish extraction who used to work till Friday in Unit 8200, the Sigint/signals branch monitoring telephone calls, text messages, emails and faxes among the enemy Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

Not that these 43 young men and women see in that way. They see Balestinians in the “occupied territories,” which is one reason I say they are of Jewish extraction. They are legally, according to Jewish law, Jews but clearly they don’t see things that way. No knowledgeable and self-respecting Jew calls these hills “the occupied territories,” a nameless name which works to cover up, camouflage, their true names: Judea and Samaria whence cometh the very word Jew.

The Greeks were occupied for over three hundred years by the Ottoman Turks and it’s a fair bet that when two Greeks overseas ran into each other and discovered they came from the same country, they did not say, “Oh, are you from western Turkey too? No, speaking in Greek they called their homeland Ellada, the Greek word for Greece.

But here in Israel and among many Enlightened post-Jews in the exile, their homeland is “the occupied territories,” with the implication the current ruler — Israel — is a temporary sovereign which really doesn’t belong there…